Hannah Ishizaki

ishizakirowimage@2xHannah Ishizaki (b.2000) of Pittsburgh PA, is the youngest female composer ever to have a world premiere with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). Hannah is a three-time Tribeca New Music Emerging Composer Division II winner for her chamber works Prism (2018), The Hypothetical Machine (2017), and Chronicles (2016). Her teachers have included Dr. David Ludwig and Chris Massa for composition and Hong Guang Jia of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for violin. Hannah is currently in the studios of Dr. Robert Beaser for composition and Areta Zhulla for violin at the Juilliard School. 

About Devlali to be premiered by Peter Guild:

Devlali, for Solo Double Bass, explores various extended techniques of the instrument, such as knocking and bowing the bridge itself. The title, Devlali, is the name of a type of number, also known as a “self number,” because it cannot be written as the sum of any number n and n’s individual digits. The idea of Devlali numbers is prevalent throughout the three movements of the piece, through the rhythms and pauses being built off of the single digit self numbers. 

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