Max Dimoff

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dimoffrowimage@2xMaximilian Dimoff is the principal bassist of The Cleveland Orchestra and Associate Professor of Double Bass at The University of Michigan. Mr. Dimoffs’ career began with an appointment as assistant principal bass with the San Antonio Symphony while still a student in 1990. He was quickly promoted to the principal position. Mr. Dimoff became a member of the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra in Chicago in 1992 and a year later moved back to his hometown to join the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Since joining the Cleveland Orchestra as Principal Bass in 1997, he has appeared as soloist with the Orchestra at Severance Hall and the Blossom Music Center, as well as on tour at Carnegie Hall and in Europe. 

Mr. Dimoff joined the faculty at The University of Michigan in the fall of 2017 after serving for seventeen years as Double Bass Department Head at The Cleveland Institute of Music. He is also a coach and faculty member with The National Orchestral Institute and The New World Symphony. 

Mr. Dimoff studied with Jeff Bradetich while attending Northwestern University. Other influential teachers include Warren Benfield of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Gary Karr, Eugene Levinson of the New York Philharmonic, and Ronald Simon of the Seattle Symphony. Mr. Dimoff performs on a double bass dated 1651 by the Italian maker Antonio Mariani. 


Master Class
1pm in Kresge Theatre

Mr. Dimoff will listen to and critique the following students of the Carnegie Mellon Double Bass Studio:

Ryan Basset, Advanced Music Studies: Exposition of the first movement of the Koussevitsky Double Bass Concerto; third movement from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5; Brahms’ Symphony No. 1, movement 1, Letter E; Don Juan by Richard Strauss, E to 4 before G

Joseph Gaskins, Advanced Music Studies: Bourrees from Bach’s Third Suite for Unaccompanied Cello transcribed for Double Bass in G Major; third movement from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5; Mozart’s Symphony No. 40, movement 1, measures 114-138; Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4, movement 1, letter B 

Riley Zimmermann, Advanced Music Studies: Exposition of the first movement of the Koussevitsky Double Bass Concerto; Double Bass solo from Mahler’s Symphony No.1; the trio from the third movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5; excerpts from the fourth movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 35